New “noms”: Fuji Sushi Grill

Nearly a year after Quad-Citizens said their last goodbyes to Riefe’s Restaurant, something much different has filled the void at the Davenport location. Now, Fuji Sushi Grill, is offering their twists on some of the QC’s favorite Japanese dishes.

DSC_0022First Impressions

The 1417 W. Locust St. location does not look like much from the outside but the inside atmosphere is very welcoming. The space is clean, stylish and overall great for enjoying a simple lunch or a nice dinner.

The Food

I was very happily surprised by the freshness of the fish offered at Fuji. Sometimes it’s difficult to find good seafood in landlocked Iowa, unless it’s catfish of course… (Catfish sushi anyone?)

I have only been to the restaurant twice but have already tasted a variety of their sushi and sashimi options. Although I have not tried the hibachi offerings, I will keep you posted as I further my “research” the Fuji Sushi Grill.

Black Pepper Tuna

During my second trip to Fuji I decided to splurge and get an appetizer before diving in to some traditional rolls. They have a variety of appetizers but the one that caught my eye was the seared black pepper tuna.

Tuna is my absolute favorite raw fish to eat and I have never met a seared tuna I didn’t like. When done right, tuna’s texture is firm but almost melts in your mouth as you munch. Its flavor is mild and it has a distinctive naturally red color.

Fuji’s take on this appetizer was absolutely spot on. The cleanly sliced pieces of fresh fish were served on a bed of sliced cucumber and a delicate drizzle of ponzu sauce, similar to a light soy. Each slice was topped with fish roe, which gave each bite an extra pop of flavor and texture.

For $7.95, this appetizer was well worth it.

Specialty Rolls

I have tried several of the specialty rolls and all were well worth their prices. Fuji’s attention to detail and fresh ingredients is apparent in each one.

One of my favorite things about all of Fuji’s rolls and sushi is how perfectly cooked the rice is. Nothing brings a sushi night down like bad rice.


Unagi (eel sushi)

Every time I go to a sushi restaurant I have to have “dessert,” which in my mind means a piece of unagi.

If the thought of eating eel freaks you out I encourage you to expand your gastronomic horizons and try it anyway.

Fuji’s version of unagi was a cherry on top of my meal. Tender and, not surprisingly, fresh to death. The eel is cooked to perfection and topped with an amazing and indescribable sauce.

The only question I have, what’s up with the fish tank decoration on my plate?


Like I said, I have personally visited Fuji twice and have been very happy with the friendly staff and quick service both times.

My Rating

Overall, I would give Fuji four wasabi dollops out of five.

The fifth wasabi dollop would be rewarded if only Fuji would “color outside the lines” a bit more with their menu. Although this place offers some variety from your typical Japanese steakhouse I would love to see some more adventurous rolls and dishes on the menu.

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a new twist in the QC sushi scene. The fish is fresh and the service and atmosphere are great, all the makings of a splendid sushi night.

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