Element Tea & Wine Lounge, a modern oasis

“But indeed I would rather have nothing but tea.” -Jane Austen

The signs for Element Tea & Wine lounge began to appear a few weeks before its opening. I drove past the large coming soon sign on 53rd street at least three times a day. Whenever I see a new construction site I consider it my duty to discover what is being built and tell the world about it. When I finally discovered what Element would be almost didn’t believe it.

A tea and wine lounge? No way. That’s far too big city to be in Davenport, Iowa. We don’t deserve a cool place like that. Who would drink tea and wine in the same building? I must be missing something.

I turned to the internet to learn more about this new lounge. Element’s website was up and running shortly after the coming soon signs arrived. From what I could gather, they would sell tea, wine and desserts. I love desserts and I was sold.

The menu was posted online and after reading about the desserts I had become Element’s number one fan before it ever opened its doors.

I went to visit the lounge on day two. Walking in to the building was like walking into a modern oasis. Everything from the grand chandeliers to the beautiful flooring has been thought out and precisely chosen to match the design. Each table has a couch or cushioned seat placed alongside, making visitors feel comfortable enough to stay for hours at a time. My favorite aspect of the design is the modernized fireplaces stationed at either end. My initial thought was, ‘if the food and drinks match the design, then I don’t think I’ll ever leave.’

Good news, the food and drinks are just as beautiful and I am never leaving.

When you order tea at Element, it doesn’t arrive with a tea bag and a mug, oh no. Instead, it is served English-style with a teapot sitting atop a tea candle to keep warm. A matching tea cup and saucer are brought out on a tray with tiny pitchers of cream, sugar and honey upon request.

Honestly, I just about fell over when my tea arrived the first time. I love tea, and I have never had the chance to drink tea like this before. It was this little girl’s tea party dream come true.

The first tea I tried was the blooming beauty, a floral tea that is tightly wrapped, allowing it to blossom as it steeps. It was delightful with cream and sugar. I’ve also tried the Vanilla Pear, Lemon Lavender, and Coconut Chai Latte. All were sublime.

The English Style tea pot of my dreams.

Of course I had to begin to work my way through the dessert menu as well. The molten chocolate cake is so decadent and has a truffle-like consistency. It is a chocolate lover’s dream. In other visits, I’ve tried the New York Cheesecake with raspberry sauce, the Apple Caramel Harvest Cake, the Tiramisu, and the Gelato with macarons on the side. All have been worth every calorie and are shareable, if that’s your kind of thing.

An appetizer menu is available as well. In my past few visits, I have tried the Brazi Crab Cakes and the Waffle Waffle Platter. The latter being waffle cut sweet potatoes dipped in waffle batter, deep fried and served with chipotle ranch. Let’s just say it was hard to share.

Look at those beautiful, golden sweet potato waffle fries.

The menu items at Element are cleverly crafted to be a before or after meal option. Element is a place to spend a few extra hours with friends aside from the regularly scheduled evening plans.

During the day, Element serves as a special place to take a moment and refresh during a lunch break. In the morning and afternoon hours, the sun shines through the window and calming music plays in the background. In the evening, the music is drowned out by conversations and the lights dim to set the mood.

Wine and beer are always available. The wine menu features a few recognizable spirits as well as ones I have yet to try. Its counterpart, the beer list, explores new craft options and is worth a peruse in future visits.

The Apple Caramel Harvest Cake. Three cheers for the caramel!

The service at Element is something I have not experienced much in the Quad-Cities. The waitstaff visits with you at the beginning of your stay and then leaves you alone to enjoy yourself. If you ever need someone, they are just a few steps away at the bar. This style of service invites you to stay for hours at a time without being bothered to give up your table.

Element Tea & Wine Lounge has quickly become one of my favorite Quad-Cities spots and I look forward to bringing friends and family along to experience it as well. I was wrong, Davenport does deserve a beautiful spot like this, and I can’t wait to watch it grow over the next few years.

Element Tea & Wine Lounge
5345 Belle Court Suite 4
Davenport, Iowa

Mon-Fri 9:30AM-9:30PM
Sat/Sun 10:00AM-10:00PM

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