Cafe d’ Marie, hidden gem of Davenport

We are happy to introduce you to your new favorite spot.

On a sunny afternoon in 2013, I wandered the streets of downtown Davenport with two of my closest friends in search of a good cup of coffee. As it was Sunday, most downtown businesses had shorter hours and we weren’t having much luck.

We shuffled along, calling out to Siri for help in locating at least one place, not a Starbucks, that would serve us something, anything. It only took a few misfires before Siri located a cafe that advertised Sunday hours. After a good amount of driving around, we found our way to a little brick house on 5th street. This was Cafe d’Marie.


It was covered in vines, so much so that the windows and signage were hardly visible. The train tracks outside the house made the parking along the cobblestone road even tighter than it already was, but we felt lucky to have even found this little spot, so we didn’t mind. Outside, a family played in the sprinkler with their son; birds chirped and clouds floated by. It was something out of a storybook.

The famous cream of mushroom soup. So creamy & so delicious.

We walked up the wooden steps to the heavy front door and pushed… Locked. Yes, our newly discovered cafe was, despite Siri telling us the opposite, closed on Sundays. As we walked back down the steps, sighing with disappointment, we heard a voice cry out. Believe it or not, the family playing in the sprinkler were the owners. They invited us in to have lunch with them, as they were just about to go in and make sandwiches for themselves.

Thus begins my absolute love affair with Cafe d’ Marie and with the wonderful people that run this gem of a coffee shop. If I had to pinpoint a moment in my life that would start my path to becoming a foodie, running a local food Instagram with one of my best friends and writing a blog, this would be the moment.

Since that day in 2013, I have spent at least one afternoon every week at Cafe d’ Marie and I have never been disappointed. The menu features delicious homemade soups, salads, paninis, smoothies, coffees, and desserts. Although change isn’t common when it comes to the menu the classics are really what keeps everyone coming back for more.

Bacon, dubliner cheese, egg and spinach quiche. This is how a good morning starts.

My favorites include the cream of mushroom soup; the panini with ham, turkey, spinach, pesto, and three cheese bread; the chocolate cake; the peach, pear and apricot smoothie; and the homemade blueberry feta vinaigrette spinach salad. I’ve tried just about everything on the menu, and I can state with confidence that everything is delicious, from the daily quiche specials to the hummus wrap.

The Lemon Zest cake, another Cafe d’ Marie crowd pleaser.

Not only is the food fresh and  wonderful, the atmosphere is simply delightful. It feels as if you’re walking into Mom’s kitchen, filled with love and good food. The beautiful tin ceiling and molding around the kitchen are something to admire, as are the iron patio furniture pieces that make up the tables and chairs of the cafe.

Afternoons at d’ Marie are oftentimes very busy.  If you happen to stop in on a day where you can almost have the space to yourself, you’ll hear the beautiful jazz music that always plays in the background. Make sure to arrive a few minutes early in order to find parking and claim a table. The busiest time of day is right around lunch, 12-2, so keep that in mind.

One of the freshest salads around, the blueberry feta vinaigrette spinach salad.

As this is a family business DeAnna and Rick run Cafe d’ Marie alone, with the help of a few friends. With a small staff, in a small space, it is easy to understand why they would choose to serve everyone themselves. As a result, don’t expect fast-food style service. This is a place to spend an afternoon with friends, relaxing and chatting.

Every chance I have to bring out of town guests to Cafe d’ Marie, I take it. This cafe is a beautiful island in the downtown Davenport area, and everyone should take an afternoon to visit for the delicious food, warm atmosphere, and friendly service.

Cafe d’ Marie
614 W. 5th St.
Davenport, IA

Wed- Sun 10:30AM- 2:30PM
(Yay! Open on Sundays!)

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