FeedMeQC’s 7 favorite desserts in the Quad-Cities

Finding the best desserts in the Quad-Cities area is certainly not an easy task, but someone had to do it. Don’t worry, FeedMeQC is on the case and after much deliberation, we settled on seven local eateries that each feature one of our favorite desserts. Here they are, in no particular order.

Steel Plow Burger Company– Moline, Illinois

Steel Plow opened it’s doors in September, 2016. It’s a burger joint featuring specialty burgers and incredibly satisfying sides. However, one item on the menu stands out more than the rest… the MONSTER SHAKES.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with a monster shake, the title describes both the size and the toppings. Steel plow is one of the first restaurants in the Quad-Cities to top its milkshakes with full slices of cake, donuts, pie, brownies and strudel.

These massive milkshakes are essentially two desserts in one. Once you’ve finished eating the toppings, there’s still an entire milkshake to finish underneath. It’s a perfect dessert to share, but if you’re anything like us sharing isn’t really an option.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: The Chocolate Nutella Salted Pretzel

A few of the many Monster Shake options at Steel Plow.

Cafe d’ Marie– Davenport, Iowa

Cafe d’ Marie is an adorable little cafe situated alongside the railroad tracks in downtown Davenport. It’s owned and operated by one of the most down-to-earth couples in the Quad-Cities.

The Cafe’s menu features a variety of healthier lunch options with everything made fresh daily and in-house. We don’t recommend that you fill up too much on the main menu, as the desserts are exceptional.

The dessert menu offers a variety of cookies, a perfectly warm and sweet bread pudding, a lemon zest cake and, our favorite, the chocolate cake. Each of Cafe d’ Marie’s cakes are soft and filled with flavor. We simply can’t get enough.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: The Chocolate Cake

The delicious & decadent chocolate cake from Cafe d’ Marie.

Whitey’s Ice Cream– Various locations (total of 9!)

How could we possibly discuss our favorite desserts in the Quad-Cities without acknowledging the award-winning staple that is Whitey’s Ice Cream?

If you live in the QCA and haven’t had a scoop of ice cream from Whitey’s, you must be living under a rock. The average Whitey’s hosts around 35 different flavors, with seasonal scoops floating in and out, making it the perfect place to go if you’re feeling like you want options.

Everyone in the Quad Cities has their favorite flavor, shake, malt, sundae or combination. If you’re looking for a recommendation, you could ask any of the thousands of QC residents who have grown up with these frozen treats.

We had a hard time picking a favorite…

FeedMeQC Recommendation: Graham Central Station for a scoop or, if you’re feeling indulgent, the black raspberry shake.

Pumpkin Oreo shake from Whiteys. Photo Credit: Emily Beilke

Element Tea & Wine Lounge– Davenport, Iowa

Element is a newer addition to the Quad Cities restaurant family. Its official opening was in February, 2017. Since then, the lounge has been picking up in popularity rather quickly.

Element is a one of a kind tea and wine lounge that encourages visitors to relax on its comfortable couches, spend a few hours with a delicious tea or a great glass of wine, and simply enjoy a break from the fast-paced lives we live. Element wowed us with its tea, but we were really blown away by its dessert menu.

The menu features a variety of different desserts ranging from cheesecake to waffles topped with gelato. Not only is every dessert on the menu delicious, but the presentation is beautiful as well. There is a dessert for every mood, and we can’t wait to work our way through the entire menu and try every last one.

As a bonus, his place is open late to satisfy the late-night sweet tooth.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: The Chocolate Truffle Lava Cake

The Chocolate Truffle Lava Cake- So rich & so chocolatey!

Oh So Sweet by Tiphanie- Davenport, Iowa

Oh So Sweet is drawing in dessert enthusiasts from all over the QCA to visit downtown Davenport.

As the name suggests, the bakery’s owner Tiphanie, and her team of bakers, create unique, exciting and quirky seasonal desserts. Every day is something different, and that’s what we love the most! If you like cakes, cupcakes and cookies it should be easy to have a great experience picking out some sweets at Oh So Sweet.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: A slice of any cake that’s available. Seriously… and if it’s Hot Chocolate Cake buy it all.

Trattoria Tiramisu- Bettendorf, Iowa

Trattoria Tiramisu is an Italian restaurant that serves up delicious pastas and Italian fare.

FeedMeQC has been on the search for the best local tiramisu. This dessert is one of our favorites and it is important to have an authentic recipe to nail its execution.

Now, here’s our little secret, we have tasted countless tiramisu throughout the land and each has had its own special “yum factor,” but the tiramisu at Trattoria Tiramisu has been our favorite.

Their version of the age-old dessert is light and airy, the lady fingers are soaked in just the right amount of coffee, and the mascarpone is sprinkled with just enough cocoa powder. This is a thing of dreams.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: Tiramisu

The Tiramisu from Trattoria Tiramisu!

East Side Bakery– Davenport, Iowa

East Side Bakery is a little bakery and pizza spot located at the top of the hill on Harrison near the downtown Davenport area. Homemade pizzas, breads and desserts are made fresh daily, and they consistently sell out quickly.

East Side has limited seating, so plan to take your dessert to go- what a perfect excuse to buy extras to take home and “share.”

The dessert menu varies from day to day, but the real highlight is the brownie. It is arguably the best brownie in the QCA. It is thick, decadent, creamy and amazingly chocolatey.

If brownies aren’t your style, explore one of the many tarts, pastries and bars available as well.

FeedMeQC Recommendation: Cream Cheese Brownie

Well, there you have it folks, our seven favorite desserts in the Quad Cities Area. Did we miss something? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll make sure to give it a taste.

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